Commercial Project


Don't replace Transform!



SurfaceTransform can provide bespoke services to the commercial sector that require cost effective solutions with the minimum of disruption and a quick turnaround.


As well as residential properties we can provide repair and resurface services to commercial properties including Hotels, Schools, Flats, Nursing Homes, Public Buildings, Airports and Hospitals.


In over 95% of cases costly removal and costly replacement is unnecessary as resurfacing to a factory new finish involves minimal downtime and inconvenience. No mess, no waste and no dust. No clogging up of car parks with skips, no closing of corridors to enable messy waste movement and no expensive disposal at landfill sites.


Our comprehensive Environmental Policy ensures that we also take responsibility to elimate unnecessary waste and return damaged, worn-out and old-fashioned worktops, wall tiles, floor tiles and appliances to a brand new look. Guaranteed.


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