Bathroom Transform (Reface, recolour, resurfacing your old bath, sink, shower and tiles)


Resurfacing your bath, shower enclosures, sinks, wall tiles, floor tiles and installing anti-slip flooring is the ideal way to give your bathroom a complete make-over at minimal cost and least disruption.


Don't replace Transform!


Resurfacing your bath, sinks, tiles and anti-slip flooring at the same time offers you the most cost-effective method to give your bathroom a bright, fresh new look with minimal downtime and satisfaction guaranteed.


Bath Resurface


Replacing your bath involves not only the cost of a new bath but the added expense of replacing wall and floor tiles, wall board and plumbing. Resurfacing quickly factory-new finish. Available in a wide range of colours.




Shower Resurface


Resurfacing your shower enclosure is the most economical way to revitalise your bathroom and achieve dramatic cost savings over replacement. Available in a wide range of colours and textures.




Sinks Resurface


Repair your sink instead of replacing. The material most frequently repaired are porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron and processed steel. Chipped, cracked or damaged sinks can be restored to a factory new look eliminating the need for replacement and expensive delays in job completion. Colours are custom matched on-site to ensure a quality repair.

Tiles Resurface


Resurfacing your wall or floor tiles is more cost effective and involves less downtime than replacing.The latest resin technology used is non-porous and makes a water-tight seal. Resurfacing helps eliminate the likelihood of mold and bacterial growth making the surface durable and safe. Available in a wide range of colours and textures.


Anti-Slip Flooring


The very latest in anti-slip flooring provides excellent slip resistance, can be cleaned easily, mold and mildew resistant. Applications include baths, showers, public footways.